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Fellow of the American Academy of Sciences, Professor Gregory C. Fu, PhD, was invited to visit the company.
Release time:2014-08-12   Source: Original Site   Hits:
        In August 12, 2014, Professor Gregory C. Fu, a professor at the American Academy of Sciences, California Institute of Technology, was invited to visit the company.
        Dr. Gregory C. Fu, who received a bachelor's degree in Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1991, received a doctorate from Harvard University in 1985, and 1991~1993, a postdoctoral research at California Institute of Technology, Professor of chemistry at California Institute of Technology. Gregory C. Fu is a research field of palladium catalyzed coupling reaction, the chemical process of, the catalytic process of Bu3SnH, and the application of planar chiral heterocyclic compounds as chiral ligands for the transition of metal to metal.
        Thomson, the world's leading enterprise and professional intelligence information provider, Reuters 2000-2010, TOP Gregory C. Fu. one hundred, CHEMISTS, 2000-2010, 43.