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Position: Senior organic synthesis:
Job responsibilities:
1, in accordance with the company's requirements within the agreed time to complete R & D projects;
2, the literature patent inquiry, synthetic route design and timely solutions to the problems encountered in the project;
3, according to the project plan to carry out the experiment, and according to customer requirements to complete the experimental record and project report;
Job requirements:
1, doctor degree or above, major in organic chemistry, chemical engineering, etc.;
2. Good English reading and writing skills
3, has the desire to have the initiative, the sense of responsibility, has the strong leadership ability, the professionalism and the innovation spirit;
4, have the ability to solve problems alone.
If you are interested, please send your resume to the email address:
Position: organic synthesis:
Job responsibilities:
1, be able to independently carry out organic synthesis reaction;
2, skilled use and operation of a variety of organic synthesis laboratory equipment;
3, be able to skillfully use a variety of chemical documents and patents
4, provide complete and systematic report of the experiment and qualified samples, complete the experimental summary and the next phase of the experimental work plan.
Job requirements:
1. Master degree in organic synthesis chemistry;
2, with strong organic synthesis knowledge and experience, can design and carry out multi-step organic synthesis reaction;
3, master commonly used organic compounds separation and purification technology;
4, be able to skillfully search and use of various chemical literature and patents;
5, dedicated, responsible and self-motivated;
6, good English reading ability;
7. Experience in process development is preferred.
If you are interested, please send your resume to the email address:
Position: organic synthesis assistant researcher:
Job responsibilities:
1, to assist in building the test;
2, to assist researchers in the trial of postprocessing;
3, other issues such as warehouse management;
4, truthfully fill in the experimental record.
Job requirements:
1, organic synthetic chemistry or pharmaceutical chemistry major, bachelor degree or above (can receive interns);
2, with basic organic chemistry experiment skills;
4, English 3, can skillfully use English for reading, writing and expression, can skilled retrieval, the use of all kinds of Chinese and English literature;
4, with good personal quality, teamwork spirit and communication skills.
If you are interested, please send your resume to the email address: